Romex is an Easy & Effective Alternative To Cement Grouting

We supply paving grouting for both pedestrian and vehicular applications. Romex has been the world’s leading manufacturer of paving jointing materials for more than 20 years. Romex’ high-quality, resin-based grouting solutions are designed to overcome the shortcomings of cement grouting by restoring failed paving grouting.

This grouting has been tested and widely used on paving installations around the world to refurbish paving by closing unwanted gaps. The resin that makes up Romex is imported from Germany, however the specially graded silica sand used in conjunction with it is sourced in South Africa to rejuvenate paving grout. It is more expensive than conventional cement grouting as it is guaranteed not to crack or break up when applied correctly. It also prevents mining ants, weeds and the staining of pavers.

Romex Deko, a stone binder, was made to create a sure-footed and visually appealing surface. Whether you’d like to create a unique design, or a water-wise solution; our resin binder, imported from Germany, is just for you.