Who is Cretesol?

We would like to tell you more about us… Cretesol was founded in 2015 with the aim in mind to solve problems faced by the South African paving and concrete industry.

Cretesol supplies world-renowned products; imported from Germany, France, England, and the United States of America. Cretesol’s products help with the effective handling, sealing, grouting, protecting, binding, and removal of paving and concrete materials.

Our goal is to supply the best possible quality products, for the successful completion of projects in our industry. We look forward to assisting you in your residential, commercial, industrial, or DIY projects.

We Are Exclusive Distributors of The Following Brands:

Guard Industry

We offer various products to clean, protect, and beautify concrete. With 30 years of experience, Guard Industry manufactures innovative concrete sealants, cleaners, and treatment products that are eco-friendly, safe to use, and are ideal for various applications.


We offer paving grouting solutions that eliminates the problems associated with cement grouting. It can be used to restore failed paving grouting and is guaranteed not to crack or break up when applied correctly. Romex, imported from Germany, has been the world’s leading manufacturer of paving jointing materials for more than 20 years.


Sealing and stabilising your paving has never been easier nor more effective; than using the world’s best sealant of concrete paving and grouting sand stabilizer. It is imported from England. Resiblock, a polyurethane sealant, impregnates concrete pavers while still allowing the concrete to breathe. It has been developed exclusively for use on concrete paving and offers superior protection and longevity.


We supply tailor-made tools for paving installers. This enables them to do their jobs more effectively. We achieve this through supplying products that make the installation of paving safer, easier and more accurate. We are able to supply this through our German manufacturers, Probst.


We supply PolyGrab Brick Grab Rubbers suitable for most cranes, trucks and forklifts equipped with various types of tile and brick grab clamps. These are locally manufactured in South Africa and are manufactured using high-quality polyurethane to withstand tough conditions.


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We also supply our very own locally sourced products. These include concrete Remover and specially graded, kiln-dried sand for the jointing of concrete paving.