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Cretesol supplies a rapid-action concrete cleaner,  Guard Wash Express, imported from France. Guard Wash® Express can be used to clean concrete, paving, and other types of materials; including: natural or reconstituted stone, terracotta, tiling, and wood. This product deeply cleans dirty walls, floors and roofs; invaded with soiling linked to damp conditions, atmospheric pollution, and traces of leaves.

Guard Wash Express enables surfaces to be cleaned without mandatory rinsing. Surfaces can be rinsed 24 hours after the application to remove the final residue. This product does not harm the treated materials, nor does it change the original colour. Guard Wash® Express is easy to apply with a low-pressure sprayer and is very cost effective.

This product is very effective in cleaning dirty paving or concrete; soiled paving; newly-installed paving; old paving; and cleaning paving before any protector or sealant is applied.

We recommend using Guard Wash® Express to clean your patio, driveway, pool area, entertainment area, roof, and many more applications.


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