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Cretesol supplies ImperGuard, a concrete protector and water-repellent that penetrates the pores of concrete to make it impermeable and therefore limit the absorption of water through the capillaries.

ImperGuard Concrete Protector, imported from France, provides the most essential protection for concrete; strengthening the concrete, protecting its original colour, and protecting it against the problems associated with concrete. When water penetrates concrete, it could result in acid attack, salt attack, discolouration and efflorescence. Due to the acid in rain and the acid/salt in swimming pool water; the appearance of concrete will change over time, leaving the aggregates exposed and causing discolouration. Furthermore, due to concrete being exposed to moisture around downpipes, around swimming pools, and other outdoor areas; efflorescence may occur. Efflorescence is caused by the formation of salt deposits, usually white, on or near, the surface of concrete.

Hence, use ImperGuard to protect you concrete against dampness, limiting the absorption of water through its strong penetrating power; without forming a film on concrete (as is the case with sealants). It is rapidly effective in impregnating the concrete, while still letting it breath; and it odourless and invisible. This product does not change the appearance or nature of the pavers installed. The concrete looks and feels exactly like it did before the application. Apply ImperGuard to protect the paving around your swimming pool, around down pipes, on your patio, and any other area where your paving is exposed to water or moisture. ImperGuard is easy to apply with a low-pressure sprayer and is very cost effective.


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