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While thriving in this industry, we have discovered international products which offer solutions to problems experienced in the paving industry. This is where Cretesol was born. In 2015, Cretesol – a small, independent business – began supplying these world-renowned products to the South African paving industry.

Cretesol has contracted with the best in the world. These include:

  • Probst, a German manufacturer of tailor-made tools for paving installers.
  • Resiblock, the world’s best sealant of concrete paving and grouting sand stabiliser, imported from England.
  • Romex, a paving grouting that eliminates the problems associated with cement, imported from Germany.
  • Halder paving mallets, imported from Germany.
  • Cretesol Concrete and Cement Remover, imported from the USA.
  • Polygrab, brick grab rubbers.

Concrete Remover FAQ

In this section, we answer questions people ask most often about Cretesol Concrete Remover. This information will provide you with the knowledge you require in order to use the Concrete Remover effectively.

Paving Grouting

In this section, we explain the different methods of grouting for different applications, in order to create interlock between individual pavers.

Repair Cement Grouting between pavers

In this section, we suggest a cement grouting which is durable, flexible and suitable to repair failed cement grouting, rather than re-doing paving. Romex, imported from Germany, is known for eliminating the problems associated with cement.

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