Through our Information Centre, we aim to offer insightful information related to solving problems faced in the South African paving industry. We offer world-renowned products and aim to offer insightful information (through our information centre). We are able to do this as we have contracted with the best in the world, to find effective ways of handling, sealing, grouting, protecting, binding, and removing paving materials.

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Do you have questions regarding Cretesol Concrete Remover? This information will provide you with the knowledge you require in order to use the Concrete Remover effectively.

There are different methods for grouting different applications. This information will provide you with knowledge on how to create interlock between individual pavers, depending on the application required.

Cement grouting is known to crack and pop out, as well as cause permanent staining and picture framing of pavers. We suggest a cement grouting which is durable, flexible and suitable to repair failed cement grouting, rather than re-doing paving. Romex, imported from Germany, is known for eliminating the problems associated with cement.