Paver Transport Cart

It is known that the transport of pavers represents 70% of the paving work, thus why not use our Paver Transport Cart, which has been designed to transport bound or loose pavers effortlessly, to work more productively.

It is light weighted and is suitable for transporting tiles, bricks, kerb stones, and more. The carts integral protection device prevents overloading of the clamping mechanism. Its smart design ensures optimal operating through its favourable load distribution.

This cart is fully mechanical, it adjusts smoothly without the need for tools, and blocks can be loaded effortlessly from the pallet without a ramp. The cart has an adjustable gripping width of 550 mm – 1,050 mm, where the minimum and maximum gripping widths can be altered using special grippers.

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Technical Specifications

  • Gripping width: 550mm – 1050mm
  • Carrying capacity: 400kg
  • Dead Weight: 68kg