Resiblock Paving Sealants

Cretesol (Pty) Ltd is an exclusive supplier of Resiblock’s paving sealants in the Southern African region. Resiblock is argued by many to be the best paving sealar in the world. Resiblock does more than just protect. It also stabilizes joints between pavers.

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Paving Sealant is beneficial

Sealing your paving is beneficial as it protects against acid rain, and sun exposure which causes deterioration and discoloration over time. By sealing your paving, you are creating that barrier that prevents any water ingress and it reduces the risk of moss growth. Additionally, sealing your paving might also enhance the appearance of your paving. To determine which sealant you should use on your paving, click here.

Be realistic about paving sealants

Even though Resiblock manufactures superior paving sealants, it is important to remember that paving is the building material that endures the most. It has to deal with direct sunlight, water from roofs carrying contaminants like carbonic acid, the acid in rain, vegetation, soil, vehicle tyres, oil spills, bird droppings, and vegetation etc. A paving sealant will not prevent any of the above. It will simply make your paving easier to clean and protect it. Bear in mind that some substances will still be difficult to remove. 

Shop Resiblock Paving Sealants

Resiblock 22

  • Suitable for dry-cast concrete products (High porosity materials)
  • Light to heavy loads

R1552,50 (5 Litre | Includes Delivery)

Resiblock Resiecco

Resiblock Resiecco 5l
  • Suitable for wet-cast concrete products and clay (Low porosity materials)
  • Light to medium loads

R1437.50 (5 Litre | Includes Delivery)

Should you require any further assistance on your product choice and/or an application guideline, please feel free to contact us.