Paving Grout Repair

Do you need to repair failed paving grouting, or are you looking for the best product to use to grout your newly-installed paving?
Look no further.

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Cretesol supplies paving grouting for both pedestrian and vehicular trafficked areas, imported from Germany. Romex, the grouting we supply, eliminates the problems associated with cement grouting, by restoring failed paving grouting; guaranteed not to crack or break up when applied correctly. It also prevents mining ants and weeds.

Rompox Profi-Easy

This paving grout can be used as a strong, reliable means to repair grouting which has failed already. It is ideal to use for Pedestrian trafficked areas with jointing gaps of 5mm wide, 30mm deep and larger.

Rompox D1

Romex D1 is suitable for light to heavy traffic loads with jointing gaps of 3mm and larger.

Pedestrian Traffic

Vehicular Traffic