Paving Grouting

 Various Grouting Methods Used For Different Applications

Grouting or jointing material is used to fill gaps between pavers in order to create interlock between individual pavers. There are various methods of grouting used for different applications.

Dry Sand Grouting

Dry sand jointing is specified by SANS 1200MJ (the official standard for installation of segmented paving blocks in South Africa) and is the norm for paving grouting throughout the world. Sand grouting creates a flexible pavement where blocks are able to move individually ever so slightly and subsequently loads are distributed to layers underneath the blocks and adjacent pavers.

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Cement Grouting

Cement-based grouting is common in South Africa, but hardly ever used in the rest of the world. Cement or mortar grouting creates a rigid paving system which could be adequate for pedestrian or light domestic vehicular traffic. Cement grouting is commonly used for larger pavers with jointing gaps larger than 5mm.

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Modern grouting methods

Sand Stabilisers

Sand Stabilisers are similar and have the benefits of sand grouting, but with some of the disadvantages mitigated. Like sand grouting, sand stabilisers provide excellent support for the pavers, allowing them to expand and contract to some extent. The overall look will be similar to that of sand joints, but will now be fixed in place needing less maintenance, and working well under more extreme conditions, i.e. steep slopes and high-water runoff areas.

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Resin Bound Mortars

Resin bound mortars come in a broad range of products with differing applications but in essence they are a fine aggregate like the sand used in sand grouting, mixed and coated with a strong resin before application. Unlike cement there is no chance of staining with this method. Resin bound mortars are incredibly strong and long lasting, Romex is by far the leading producer of these types of mortars and is used with success all over the world.

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