Pothole Repair Solution Put to Test

Pothole Repair with Romex D1

Potholes have become a common, yet serious problem over recent years in South Africa.

It is evident that filling potholes as soon as they begin to form, is crucial. Left untreated, potholes pose a threat of damaging vehicles and may lead to larger pavement or roadway failure. This has the potential of resulting in a costly liability to property owners.

Romex D1 is a world-renowned pothole repair mix, that features permanent, rapidly setting pothole repair. This new technology is rapidly gaining in popularity among road maintenance crews, as well as property owners; due to highly successful results with the material. Romex D1 is easy to use, economical, and provides durable, lasting repairs.

Romex has been the world’s leading manufacturer of jointing materials for more than 20 years. Romex D1 is a high-quality, resin-based pothole repair solution, that is designed to overcome the shortcomings; and evidently repair a failed pavement or roadway.

Romex D1 is a fine aggregate – like the sand used in sand grouting, mixed and coated with a strong resin before application. It is a quality pothole repair solution, mixed in the correct proportions; made to be poured directly into the pothole. Romex D1 is flexible for use with vehicular traffic.

This pothole repair product had been widely used around the world to refurbish pavements and roads, closing unwanted gaps. The resin that makes up Romex is imported from Germany, however the specially graded silica sand used in conjunction with it, is sourced in South Africa. It is guaranteed not to crack or break up when applied correctly. It also resistant to weeds and mining ants.

Benefits of Romex D1 for the Repair of Potholes:

  • It is incredibly strong, reliable & long-lasting.
  • It is very easy to use, and makes the repair of potholes seamless.
  • It is self-compacting.
  • It cures within 24 hours of applying.
  • It doesn’t crack or disintegrate.

Ideal for use:

  • On the outskirts of a driveway entrance.
  • Potholes within boomed communities.