Probst Paving Tools Made in Germany

German Handling & Laying Equipment Designed For The Paving And Construction Industry

Probst handling equipment has won various awards for landscaping innovation and has grown to be the leading global developer and manufacturer of paving installation tools over the past 50 years. Probst tools are known for their quality and durability.

Probst handling equipment aims to enable paving installers to do their jobs more effectively. This is achieved through supplying products that make the installation of paving safer, easier and more accurate.

Probst Products on Offer from Cretesol

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Kerb Laying Clamp

Kerb handle

Allows for easy and safe placement of large paving elements and kerbs.

Measuring & Marking Tool

Paving extractor

Essential aid for the exact measuring and marking of the lengths and angles of pavers.

Block Cutter

Block Cutter

Enables the cutting of pavers- up to 300mm wide, in less than a second.The blades can be turned quickly and easily.

Vacuum Handy

Suction tool that allows for effortless lifting of paving.

Suction tool that allows for effortless lifting of paving.


Paver Transport Cart

Paver transport cart

Enables effortless transportation of bound or loose pavers.


Paving Block Extractor

Flagstone handler

Allows for easy and safe lifting of paving.

Paving Slab Handles

Brick handler

Allows paving installers to handle and place heavy pavers with no risk of injuring fingers.

Alignment Bar

Alignment Bar

The Alignment Bar is for aligning the paving bricks before they are permanently set.

Brick Handles

Multi brick handler

Transport bricks to the laying surface efficiently.

String Tight System


This system provides a clearance of approximately 4-5mm between pavers and the string line, as straightand square edges are required when installing paving blocks, kerbs and slabs. This is important, as skew plumb lines are often a problem on site.
This system is adjustable to fit any size and shape of paver.

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