Resiblock Oil Remover

Fast and Effective Method to Remove Oil Stains

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Concrete and Clay pavers are porous. This means that motor oil and other similar substances could penetrate these paving bricks, causing staining. In fact, oil stains are probably the most common problems encountered on driveway paving.

Resiblock oil remover is simple and easy to use and effectively penetrates the pavers to deep-clean oil stains. It will clean most oil and grease stains from paving. It’s best to treat stains as soon as possible, but even deeply ingrained old oil stains could be alleviated with extra effort.

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Size1L | 5L
Weight1kg | 5kg
Dimensions85 x 85 x 225mm | 180 x 110 x 295mm
  1. Mix thoroughly before using.
  2. Generously spread the Resiblock Oil Remover over the stain and vigorously scrub with a bristle brush.
  3. Let it soak for 15 minutes (do not allow it to dry out) and repeat the process again if needed.
  4. Completely wash off using detergent and a pressure washer.
  5. Once the process of removing the oil stains is completed, we recommend sealing the paving with Resiblock Resiecco or Resiblock ‘22’ to prevent re-staining.

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1 review for Resiblock Oil Remover

  1. Melissa

    I used this product to remove motor oil stains from my paving. I’m extremely pleased with the results! You wouldn’t say it was even stained. I highly recommend this product!

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