Cretesol supplies paving protectors, which offer protection for water, oil, fat, grease, stains, and even graffiti; for your high-trafficked concrete paving. We offer two paving protectors; namely: ProtectGuard HD, which is completely colourless after applying it, hence it doesn’t change the appearance of the pavers whatsoever. It is also fully UV ray resistant and does not yellow over time. The other being, ProtectGuard Wet Finish, which has a wet look and enhances the colour of the pavers being protected.

Both paving protectors are imported from France, and offer long-lasting protection, through preventing the main causes of damage to your concrete paving, including; atmospheric pollution, grease marks, moisture, salt and water, oil, and even graffiti. It slows down the ageing of your paving and makes it easier to maintain.

These protectors are permanent and remain permeable to air and water vapour, as it impregnates the paving and doesn’t form a film on top of your paving (as is the case with sealants). These products are easy to apply with a low-pressure sprayer, a roller, or a brush; and are very cost effective. Apply ProtectGuard to protect the paving around your patio, driveway, walkways, entrances, pool surrounds, and any other area where you’d like to protect your paving from the negative effects of water, oil, fat, grease, or stains; with the option to change the appearance of the paving, or to retain the original colour of your paving.

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