Sealing, Stabilising & Protecting Your Paving

We supply sealants and paving grout stabilisers through our United Kingdom manufacturer, Resiblock. Resiblock has been developed exclusively for use on concrete paving and is regarded by many as the best paving sealant in the world – read what The Paving Expert has to say on the subject. Whether you have dry cast, wet cast or pressed concrete paving; we have a polyurethane sealant for you. These sealants impregnate concrete pavers, while still allowing the concrete to breathe. This offers far superior protection and longevity.

Resiblock sealants can effectively seal and protect paving through repelling oils and other fuels, and can also potentially prevent staining and efflorescence. In addition, they largely eliminate weeds and digging ants in the joints. Most importantly, from a structural point of view, it uplifts paving through bonding the jointing sand to reduce the loss of grouting through erosion. Resiblock sealants slightly darken the appearance of paving stones and create a damp look with enhanced colours. This sealant is often specified for civil or commercial applications throughout the world and multiple case studies on its efficacy have been conducted

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Sealant For Dry Cast Concrete Paving

Sealant For Wet Cast Concrete, Pressed Concrete and Natural Stone Paving