Rompox D1 Paving Grouting

In South Africa, cement grouting is generally used between pavers and flagstones. There are various recipes and methods, but cement grouting seldom performs the way intended. Common problems associated with it are cracking and popping out, permanent staining and picture framing of pavers. Experience has further shown that it is virtually impossible to repair failed cement jointing. Rompox D1 offers a solution to the above-mentioned problems.

Romex is a Specialised Grouting Solution that is imported from Germany. Romex has been the world’s leading manufacturer of paving jointing materials.  It is incredibly strong and easy to install.

Romex D1 is suitable for light to heavy traffic loads with jointing gaps of 3mm and larger.

Benefits of Rompox D1:

  • Designed for a single purpose namely the jointing of paving
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reliable and long lasting
  • Does not crack or disintegrate
  • Makes seamless repairs possible
  • Consistent strength
  • No staining

Resistant to weeds and digging